Parent/Guardian Signature Page

Dear Parent/Guardian:


Hello and welcome to your child’s new school year.  My name is Amir Ghavam and I am honored to have the opportunity and the privilege to be your child’s mathematics teacher this year.


This course is very challenging.  In order for your child to be successful, it is absolutely essential that your child studies his/her math not only for completion, but more importantly for comprehension.  It is equally important that your child comes to each class period prepared, bringing all the recommended, required, and relevant material.


It is most essential that your child reads each upcoming lesson (in his/her Textbook) once – BEFORE it is taught – for exposure and familiarity, and once – AFTER it is taught – for in-depth comprehension.


In my more than 35 years of working with math students, I have found students who genuinely study together are able to grasp the material much better than when studying alone.  Because of that, I highly recommend that you encourage your child to get into a Study Group with his/her trusted subject mates in the evenings and weekends, if possible.  In addition, the daily in-school Enrichment Sessions are extremely beneficial for students to work collaboratively and cooperatively with one another.


IMPORTANT:  Cognitive research has shown that multitasking, while studying, does NOT work.  If your child is distracted by his/her cell phone, social media (Snapchat, FaceTime, Skype, Instagram, Tweets, Facebook, etc.), or any other unrelated activities while studying, he/she is sabotaging his/her own education and setting himself/herself up for failure.  While I am NOT against social media, I am a very strong opponent of multitasking or anything that divides students’ attention and causes distraction!


IMPORTANT:  At your earliest convenience, please sign up for the Parent Portal, so you can have real-time access to your child’s progress and grades.  Please be advised that points are earned within separate categories.


I look forward to working with you, as my partner, in providing the best and most effective learning opportunity for your child’s success.  I trust that you will contact me, from time to time, for feedback and collaboration.  IF/WHEN ISSUES ARISE, AFTER SPEAKING WITH YOUR OWN CHILD, I NEED YOU TO INFROM ME IMMEDIATELY, SO I CAN PROVIDE THE NECESSARY ASSISTANCE TO EFFECTIVELY ADDRESS AND RESOLVE THE ISSUE.


Please feel free to contact me with your questions, concerns, or comments in any of the following ways:


  • Email: (Best method)
  • Phone: (818) 248-8324 Ext. 1234 (Leave a message)
  • In-person meeting (By appointment only)


Please ask your child to share the Course Description and Policies (Course Syllabus) accompanied with this letter.  After reviewing it with your child, please complete and have your child return ONLY the bottom portion of this sheet to me.  Please ask your kid to keep the rest of it for your future reference.


I look forward to meeting you at the back-to-school night.


Most respectfully,

Amir Ghavam

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I, as the parent/guardian of this student, hereby acknowledge that I have read and that I understand the Course Description and Policies (Course Syllabus), accompanied with this letter:


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